About Us

Who we are?

Quality Geeks is a multi domain training and consulting firm with an aim to provide affordable consulting to our customers, no matter the size of their business.

Our prime focus remains on Strategy, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Analytics, Customer Gain and Retention, Automation etc using the most trusted and proven methodologies like Six Sigma, Lean, Big Data, Data Science, BPM, AI, Robotics etc.

We are a team of highly qualified and multi talented group of professionals with vast experience in creating customized solutions for process re-engineering, process excellence, BPM, Training and much more.

We are an e Trading Corp group company!

Our Vision

To redefine our customer’s journey towards Excellence and become their most trusted consulting, solutions and training partner across the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable, easy to implement, sustainable solutions to our customers and help them transform themselves and their organization to new heights.

What we do?

We deploy our In house conceptualized framework - BASICSTM to help companies solve their most critical issues like

• Strategic decision making

• Supply chain management

• Risk Management

• Process Modeling

• Process Re Engineering

• Digital Marketing and Innovation

• Business Development

• Total Quality Management

• Hiring and Training

• Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

• and more…

Why Partner with us?

• BASICS is our In house conceptualized, one of a kind Innovative framework encompassing Lean, Six Sigma, Project management, BPM, TQM, Training, Data Analytics offered only by Quality Geeks.

• Business Study – Analyze – Solution - Innovate – Change – Sustain

• BASICS is a futuristic framework which helps not just to resolve issues faced today but also has potential to set your organization on a road to success in the future.

Costing – Benefit based Costing Model

• Zero upfront investment from your end – Except you TIME

• No extra cost for external industry experts hired for your projects

• Free Comprehensive Due Diligence

• Tailor Made Costing Plans

• Costing based on Benefits Realized

Verticals of Quality Geeks


Unique Consulting services ranging from Six Sigma to New Product Development.


We offer best solutions that are practical and pocket friendly too!


Training Individuals at two levels - Pro and Lifeskills! Training Students on Academics, Coding, Robotics, Vedic Math, Abacus


Certification for Corporate and Individuals.

Want to know more?

To know more about how we could help you and for free Due Diligence, please fill out a Google Form and one of our team members will get in touch with you!